New York City, The Greatest City to Live in of All?

New York City, The Greatest City to Live in of All?

Ask any person, if anyone was asked the question of which city is considered the greatest in the world, whether they’ve visited it or not, chances are most would say New York City.

Just what is it that makes this city so wonderful?

Well, when it comes to its many attractions, status and endless possibilities to make your dreams come true, probably its amazing appeal to a fortune and fame type of lifestyle.

Ever seen those movies where the women in New York are either all suited up with heels or look like they’re going to a fashion show at noon every day? Or, perhaps it’s all the men that just by accident through their perfect blazer on their way to lunch?

Regardless of what it’s about, the idea of living in this wondrous city is an appealing lifestyle. There is, however, so much more the city has to offer its residents and it starts with the view. Considering that it is one of the most wonderful views a city gets to see all around the world, it would be no surprise to know that it is also considered one of the most expensive cities in the world, next to Dubai, London and Sydney of course.

Reasons to Move to New York City

The Captivating Skyline

Now, about that incredible view. No matter where you are in the city, you’ll be waking up to a painting of a sky on most days when the weather is just perfect. Along with the Hudson River flowing next to the bridges and skyscraper buildings, the reflection of the entire canvas will astonish you. Worth the rent? We think, yes.

A Night Life Like No Other

What does it mean to be a city girl or city guy? Well, living in New York, you’ll definitely be able to find out. Recognized as the city that never sleeps, we’re pretty sure that there’s plenty of entertainment to go around and when it comes to Times Square, plenty of magical moments. With endless entertainment features, there is so much to do and so little time.

The Music Scene

New York was made for artistic people and has been the origin city of many of the greatest musicians and bands of all time. Whether it’s a concert in time square, venues being sold out daily, or simply just a musician from Brooklyn, busking away in the subway to earn some coins, there’s always music around you and many different styles to discover all over the city.

Transportation Systems

If you guessed the subway, you’re correct but apart from that, let’s talk about hailing a cab which is probably one of the most iconic pictures you get in your head when someone talks about living in New York.

Here’s the thing, cabs are very expensive and since the city is so big, the truth is that people rely primarily on the subway and sometimes a bus to get around. While having your own car is cool, it’s not very practical and getting around in such a big city, might just require you from taking the subway with a ton of culture infused New Yorkers. Nevertheless, it sure is fun.

Freedom, Equality and Culture Around Every Corner

The one thing that attracts most people in New York City, is the fact that it is so culturally diverse and accepting of all races, languages and cultures. If you’re in New York, it doesn’t matter who you are or where you’re from, you’ll be accepted and be welcomed by many.

What more reason do you need to live in such an amazing city?


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