Elizabethtown is Crazy for Ko Ko Puffs

Elizabethtown is Crazy for Ko Ko Puffs

As a much-loved town situated in Kentucky, Elizabethtown is a gem that is filled with interesting people and more to do then even its locals would somethings think.

Being situated in Kentucky, the word town is irrelevant as it’s considered to be a small city that has up to 30,000 residents. The city is also known as E-town and is also considered a favourite stop along the way when visiting bigger cities such as Nashville, St Louis and Indianapolis to name a few.

Although small, the town serves as a perfect destination to explore, visit a bunch of interesting museums and indulge in a big assortment of restaurants. There are also countless of fun outdoor activities to choose from, so if you’re a visitor, be sure to visit the town on a perfect summers day.

Why You Should Consider Living in a Smaller Town Such as Elizabethtown

While it’s no New York, Chicago or Los Angeles, Elizabethtown is a charming little town that’s just big enough to enjoy a welcoming community.

In this town, you’ll definitely get to know your neighbours and enjoy everything from its beautiful parks, museums, exhilarating adventures whilst exploring caves, as well as lively festivals on a regular basis.

Although small, the town is not one such that doesn’t know how to have fun and offers the perfect blend of tranquillity and entertainment at all times.

The Many Attractions of Elizabethtown

  • Outdoor Activities – The town offers a range of outdoor activities such as golf, kayaking, fishing, pedal boats, public tennis courts, volleyball and more than 10 running and biking trails throughout the city.
  • Museums – Enjoy learning about history or admiring everything that was? Why not visit the Abe Lincoln or Civil War & Military museums to get a more historic taste of the town?
  • Bourbon Trails – Yes, Elizabethtown welcomes all wine lovers and even have daily activities planned around your favoured wines.
  • Art and Entertainment – It doesn’t get more American than this. When visiting Elizabethtown, be sure to stop by Historic State theatre for a treat of infused culture and history. There are also festivals throughout the year that lures many people from other towns to the city.
  • Caves – One of the things you have to do when visiting is exploring the Mammoth Cave National Park, which includes over 400 miles of passageways for exploring. If you like adventure, this is definitely a must for your bucket list.
  • Hotels – There are many hotels and B&B’s to choose from that will suit your comfort needs for a weekend in Elizabethtown.

Exit 91 and Exit 94

The town is divided into two regions which are referred to as Interstate 65 – Exit 91 and Interstate 65 -Exit 94. If you’d like to plan a weekend away to Elizabethtown, be sure to explore one Exit at a time and come back to visit the next as you won’t want to miss out on any of the town’s fun.

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